the worlds first full automatic foilballoon vending machine

More than 1000 occasions

A Ballooony balloon even says more than thousands words thats why we choosed our slogan „say it with „Ballooony“ no matter what the occasion is: thank you, I’m sorry, get well soon, i miss you, congratulations, best wishes, a birthday, wedding, coming home present, birth, a surprise or maybe just for yourself

and… a Ballooony lasts longer than a flower!



full automatic foilballoon vending machine

We made a dream come true, finally our Ballooony is ready for bright kids and elder eyes and for the young at heart. For young and old.

We proudly present the BALLOOONY!
The worlds first full automatic foilballoon vending surprise.
After years of development, headaches and thousands of cups of coffee its alive, this awesome built vending machine leaves no wishes unfulfilled, at the beginning it was our intension to invent a machine like nothing else seen until now. Easy to use, functionally, attractive design.

The right ballooony for every occasion.

Advantages that convince


  • Huge 24“ Full HD-Display for Advertising and teasers.

  • Touchscreen 10“ Full HD sales display

  • 8 different Foilballoon motives on board, total capacity over 240 balloons

  • Operated with environmentally friendly helium

  • Ballooony balloons are multiple inflatable

  • Easy to transport

  • 360 mm LED Headdisplay

  • All Parts exclusively made and assembled in Germany

  • Heater and cooling fans built-in

  • Patented

  • Totaly built in INOX, V2A stainless steel

  • Castle cashless-system on board

  • Latest telemetry technology built-in

  • Reliable coin money slot

  • For 18“ until 22“ Balloon sizes

  • 9 Languages choosable

… and much more

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 41x160x48 cm
  • Empty weight: 126 kg
  • Weight with 2 bottles Helium: 184 kg
  • Connection: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Max. currency: 8,7 A
  • Standby: 210 Watt
  • Production currency: 2000 Watt
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • Weight unfilled: 155 kg
  • On board Heater: +30°C
  • Sound-language module
  • Producing capacity: 38 pcs./hour
  • For Balloons from 18“ to 22“
  • Balloon réservoir: 240 pcs.

Country licenses available

The Country License is a great opportunity to make money!

You exclusively serve a complete country.

  • We will train you and your employees in technology, service, location scouting and support.
  • You will get automatic labeling, cups, advertising material and contracts in your local language.
  • We supply you with spare parts and consumables and advise you in detail
  • You automatically and consistently earn good money.


Do you have or know a new location where our Ballooony would make a good face?

Then send us the address, we will check out the details and if everything works out good theres a monthly payment you can count on. Go ahead and name us a address where you think the Ballooony would be a real crowd puller.

A great chance for Locations like amusement parks, gas stations, zoos, shopping centers, malls, as well as all other high frequented locations.

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Could we wake up your interest a bit, well don’t hesitate- your chance is actually just a phone call or E-Mail away from us! A great chance for Locations like amusement parks, gas stations, zoos, shopping centers, malls, as well as all other high frequented locations.

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